Is Technology Responsible For Insubstantial Relationships?

Is Technology Responsible For Insubstantial Relationships?

He Said:

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love tech! I'm crazy about it but I have to say that it has had a direct affect on the state of relationships today. Read what my "Better Half" has to say on the topic. I totally agree with her.

She Said:

Do you remember when people had the same best friends for 20 and 30 years, when the local park was the weekend hangout where the guys played hoops and the girls caught up on the latest in each other's lives, when marriages truly lasted until death do us part, and everybody in the neighborhood knew each other? What happened? What was so different now than 5 or so decades ago? Technology.

Advancement in technology is one of the biggest changes between today and years past. We now have so many ways to communicate (email, text, chat, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.) without actually having to relate. I'm not knocking technology, believe me, I enjoy it's benefits as much as the next person, but there is something to be said about actually talking to someone face to face and spending time with them, getting to know them. We are in a microwave society where we don't really take time to cultivate our relationships then question why they don't last.

Where is the relational fortitude??? Wait, what the heck is relational fortitude??? Glad you asked. It is not only the ability to form lasting relationships, but also the desire to see them strengthen and mature over time. Technology has allowed us to have instant contact with people as close as next door to people as far away as other countries. However, instant contact does not equate to instant connection.

Generations past took time to cultivate the relationships around them. They took pride in their friendships, marriages, and families. Perhaps that is why they didn't allow their relationships to dissolve so easily. Without the benefits of mass media and other such technology, people had to spend quality time with each other in order to get to know one another.

Nowadays, from one moment to the next we unfriend, dismiss, and move on to the next. If it doesn't tickle our fancy, we're over it. Unfortunately, this mindset has tainted the younger generations as well. Technology isn't the sole culprit of insubstantial relationships, but it is a contributing factor. Make it a point to invest face AND space time with the people in your life. The return on your investment is priceless. And that's my 2¢.

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