How Men Benefit From the Magic Mike XXL Movie

What's Mike's "Real" Magic?

How Men Benefit From the Magic Mike XXL Movie

With the sequel to the highly anticipated movie “Magic Mike XXL" starring Channing Tatum just days away from opening to the masses of mostly women viewers, we men can use this as an opportunity for us too. Never heard of this movie before? Really? Well it’s a wildly popular movie about male dancers. Do I need to say anything more? So I put together this quick guide for men to get some “quality time” with their spouse and look like a hero doing it.


You gotta do a little research. Find out when, where and what time it’s playing in your area. With all of the promotion that this movie has been giving you should have no problems getting this information. Decide when may be the best time for her to go. Most people hate being the last person to see a good movie so opening weekend is the best time possible to send her.


Figure out the best day and time for her to see the movie. This will make it more likely that she’ll agree to go. Whatever she normally does during that time take care of it. Yep! You gotta put in some work. Whether she normally cleans, runs errands, or whatever; do it or find a way to get it done. If you guys have children…. Get rid of them. I mean, find a babysitter. It’s better if you can call in a favor or get someone to watch them over night for free. But normally, you have to reach into your pocket and pay someone. It’s worth it though.


Here’s where you enlist the help of your girl’s best female friend. Hopefully you two get along. But if not, be the bigger person and get over it. Ha. Anyway, tell her friend that you want to do something nice for your significant other and suggest that they go together. You look much better to your spouse when someone she listens to talks positively about you. Hopefully, you can get a group of her friends to go with her. The more the merrier in this situation.


Pay for your girl to go to the movies and give her extra money just in case they want to hangout afterwards. Tell her that you want her to have a great time and you’ll see her later. Here’s where your plan comes together. You’ve laid the foundation for the evening by giving her time to relax and have fun alone. You’re showing her that you appreciate her and it makes her feel special to know that you’re thinking of her needs. Her friends reinforcing how nice it was for you to suggest and paying for her night out is a cherry on the top of your “sweetest man” cake.


Now, she’s been having a great time out with her girlfriends and maybe still excited on from the all the half nakedness and gyrating in the movie. There’s no need to be jealous. Many women like to look and fantasize about those men but few actually want to be in a relationship with or come home to them every day.

When she gets home, make sure that the house is clean and the kids are gone. Meet her at the door, if possible, and greet her with a hug and a kiss. Be extra attentive and ask her how her evening was and what happened. Don’t worry, she won’t give you too many details about the movie and most of us don’t actually care. But, it’s important that you show interest.

Now we know that our goal is to get some “sexual healing” but being overt with it is the wrong move. Spend the rest of the evening tending to her needs. Do whatever it is that she likes to do. If you have children, make sure you do the things that she normally can’t while they’re home. Draw her a bath and bathe her. Watch her favorite movie and cuddle. Talk to her and rub her in a non-sexual place like her hand, arm, shoulders or back. No, not her lower back guys. Ha. Do you see the patte here? Be attentive but touch her at the same time.


By making the entire night about her she’ll make the finish about you. The more special you make her feel, the more “happy” she’ll make you feel in the end. If you’re really lucky, she may even wake you to some “good morning kisses” where you want them put most. Even if she figures out your plan she’ll still appreciate it and go along with it, in most cases.


With most women, who love and value their man, the more you give them the more you get. She’ll give it back to you double and sometimes triple what you gave her. So the real magic that Mike has is setting you up for a great evening of lovin’, if you do it right. There’s so much more you can do if you really want to go all out. And every woman is a little different so make sure that you take that into account when following this guide. Just don’t be too obvious. In a relationship, buying her things is great but showing her attention and that you care about her goes much, much farther.

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