Quality Vs Quantity of Sex

Here's why he seems to want it so much

Quality Vs Quantity of Sex

He Said:

I realized, a long time ago, the differences in the frequency that men and women need and/or want sex. So I put a title on what I leaed, and I call it "Quantity versus Quality of Sex". There are noticeable differences in the frequency of sex between married couples and single couples. I want to speak specifically about married couples in this article.  This doesn't include people who may be considered sex addicts or whom have experienced sexually related traumas or abuse at a young age.

In my experiences, women prefer quality over quantity. If the quality of the sex is good  then they don't feel the need to have it as frequently. God blessed women with a much longer refractory period allowing for multiple orgasms. He's a genius because if He gave us the same ability there would be dead men just lying in the streets from over stimulation.

Because achieving the "Big O" for so many women is driven by emotional and/or mental efforts, the act of sex with their partner requires more effort and time usually. This also contributes to a woman's craving for the intimacy that they share with their man.

Now we guys prefer quantity over quality. An orgasm is pretty much guaranteed for us each time so the frequency compensates for quality. As men get older, the need to feel wanted and be touched more but we're still physically driven for the most part. We can usually have the "Big O" with just the sensation and a few images in our head. We don't need that much. And as I mentioned in another article, "Is Sex Just As Important To Her", men use sexual activity as a way of dealing with stress and relaxation so we don't require the intimacy that women do.

She Said:

Men want sex, and they want it on a regular basis. Women want good (mind blowing if we're really honest) sex, but can definitely go longer without it than men.

This doesn't necessarily mean women don't want it on a regular basis. It just means we can function and not think about or want it a few times every hour. I believe the quantity of sex men want correlates to the amount of time they spend thinking about it.

Trust and believe, if you're putting it down in the bedroom, we'll be thinking about it more frequently too! Give us the mental and emotional connection we need (quality), and you're more than likely going to get the frequency (quantity) you desire. And that's my 2¢.

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