The Benefits of Marrying Your Best Friend

Having the Best of Both Worlds in Marriage

The Benefits of Marrying Your Best Friend

He Said:

If your marriage is built around being best friends then you have the best of both worlds. And this helps you two to bolster a long and lasting marriage. Yes, there are married couples that aren't best friends or weren't best friends before they got married. This happens because people get married for so many different reasons but unfortunately not always the right ones.

When your spouse is your best friend then you can talk to them about anything. Some couples feel like there are some things that they just can’t express or talk about with their spouse but they’ll call their best friend to get it off their chest. Imagine how much better the communication in your marriage would be if you could talk about anything with your spouse? The better you two communicate with one another the greater the chance of your needs and wants actually being understood and met.

Another benefit of being best friends as well as being married is that you can totally be yourself. It’s a shame that some people still hide parts of who they truly are from their spouse because of fear of being rejected. That has to be a miserable way of spending the rest of your life. This can also lead to divorce because you wake up years later realizing that you really don’t know who you married. You accept your best friend just as they are, flaws and all. You cherish that relationship because it’s a no judgement zone and you know that they accept you as you are also. But how much better would your marriage be if that was a part of it?

Can you honestly say that you can totally be yourself and talk about anything with your spouse even if they won’t like it? If so, you have the best chance at being in a truly committed and lasting marriage.

She Said:

Having a spouse that is your best friend is definitely an advantage in a marriage. By best friend, I don’t mean he has to go shopping, get his finger nails and toe nails manicured, or gossip about reality stars and what’s hot in fashion. Pretty much anyone can handle those responsibilities. By best friend, I mean you feel comfortable telling him just about anything. He’s your ride or die not matter what.

I believe being friends adds an extra layer of understanding in the relationship and allows for better communication. There is simply a deeper level of comfort that facilitates a stronger bond.

I’m not saying being besties means you won’t argue and disagree and all things will be roses and rainbows. What I am saying is that having a husband or wife as a best friend makes the world of marriage easier to live in and thrive.

And that's my 2¢.

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For Grown Folks Only Founders

For Grown Folks Only Founders

For Grown Folks Only LLC was founded by Tyrrell and Vanessa Eccles; a married couple of 15+ years and best friends for 20+ years. They share a passion to help other married and monogamous couples to work through their problems using open and honest communication.

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Comments (2)

  • sharon brown

    sharon brown

    • 03 March 2016 at 17:04
    • #

    This is an awesome article. Very close to the foundation. I am going to do better in building a stronger friendship. Our friendship is strong BUT I don't exercise it when it comes to certain things because he would get angry not at me but at the other person if he feels I'm getting the short end of the stick. I guess I want him to trust that I know How to protect myself and still continue dealing with that person. I really get from this article that I need to communicate that with him . Thank you


    • Administrator


      • 03 March 2016 at 17:36
      • #

      The lack of effective communication is usually the basis for a lot of issues in relationships. The key to a happy, healthy and long lasting relationship is to figure out how you both communicate effectively with one another. It's different for each couple. Thanks for commenting Sharon.


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