The Importance of Sex to Your Husband

Here's the reason your husband needs sex so frequently

The Importance of Sex to Your Husband


Yes, your husband seems to want sex all of the time but it’s for very good reasons. He’s not just being demanding or selfish or insatiable. He really needs sex, frequently, and here are the reasons why. Let’s talk about it!

In another article, Quality Vs Quantity of Sex, I mentioned that men prefer the quantity of sex opposed to the quality of it. The quantity can make up for the quality because 99.9999999999 percent of the time we have sex we reach orgasm. It’s just the way that we’re built. But our need for sex is very deliberate as husbands and here’s why.

Reason One:

One reason men need sex is it’s our way of dealing with stress. A husband’s role is to be the provider, protector and the spiritual leader of the family. The consequences for not doing all that he can in any of those areas should fall on him. This is what we were made to do so we handle stress better, in general, but sex helps us manage it. It’s the physical release that calms and relaxes us. The sex we get the more productive we are in most areas of our lives. This is part of the reason that we see sex as just physical and can compartmentalize it when it comes to sex. There’s not nearly as much emotion attached to sex for men as it is with women.

Reason Two:

Another huge reason that sex is so important to your husband is because it’s a major contributing factor to his monogamy and fidelity to you. Men are built to be givers. Our genitals, the biggest difference between men and women, are a perfect example of this. And from adolescence we’re encouraged and sometimes taught to give as much sex as possible. This results in boys being with multiple women because rarely do teenage and young adult relationships last “until death do we part”. This need for frequent sex doesn’t stop when we get married.

Reason Three:

It also keeps us close to you. Because we express ourselves through sex and it’s the most vulnerable that we usually are, sex is the biggest way that we express intimacy. And it’s the only way that some men are intimate. The more that we share that intimacy with you the closer we feel to you and the stronger our bond is with you. So all things being equal, a husband that gets sex frequently from his wife, the way that he likes it, is a happier and better husband. He’s also more willing to do those things that are important to his wife.

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