What Happened To Your Husband's Swagger?

Why Has Your Husband Has Lost His Style?

What Happened To Your Husband's Swagger?

He Said:

This topic was inspired by a conversation my wife and I were having one evening. Although I haven't thought about it, I guess I am guilty of not keeping myself in the style or appearance that I used to before we had children.

It happened organically though. As my responsibilities grew and children came, I focused more on being a provider and protector and less on being a boyfriend. I traded the stylish clothes for suits and the usual wardrobe updates for business tools and equipment. And because I am an extremely driven person and can be a workaholic, I easily got consumed with being the best provider possible.

Now, I don't dress slovenly by any stretch of the imagination, but my personal style has taken a direct hit. As long as I'm dressed for whatever the occasion is, then I'm fine. But, I have found myself having to shop for clothes to wear for each occasion because I don't do it regularly.

It's one thing to notice it yourself but it's another when your wife starts to notice and comment. Normally this type of thing wouldn't be an issue but you need to pay special attention when she mentions it. We have to remember what it was that originally attracted them to us because we'll need to keep doing it to keep them attracted in the future.

I mentioned being more of a boyfriend earlier and this is so crucial to a healthy and long lasting relationship. Who you were as single man and her boyfriend are what attracted her to you and eventually contributed to her marrying you. I cover this in detail in our article \"Why You Have to be Her Husband and Boyfriend".

She Said:

More often than not, men mention that their wives have let themselves go, and it has become a big tu off. I'll be the first to admit that taking care of the children, working a full time job, and keeping the house running like a well-oiled machine leaves little time and/or desire to be a fresh out of InStyle Fashionista. Guess what Fellas? Some of you suffer from the same problem.

When was the last time you wore something other than your favorite baggy sweat pants with the pockets so wo that loose change falls down the pant leg or you opted for a nice V-neck instead of your old football T-Shirt that is one wash away from disintegrating? Unfortunately, it's easy to lose some of the style you once had when kids and other obligations become the priority. It's not too late to reclaim the swag that won her over.

Date night is a great way for husbands and wives to recapture their mojo. There is nothing like a night out that puts you in the mood to spruce it up a bit. Get a fresh haircut, whip out the nice dark wash jeans and a suitable shirt (or buy it if it's been that long), and dab on her favorite cologne. Presto! The man that gave her butterflies and made her heart skip a beat is back.

Soooo, the next time you want to complain that she doesn't wear the lace underwear anymore or that the sexy dresses with the plunging necklines are collecting dust in the closet, take a good look at yourself and make sure your swagger is intact. And that's my 2¢.

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