Why You Have to Be Her Husband & Boyfriend

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Why You Have to Be Her Husband & Boyfriend

He Said:

Have you ever heard the saying, "Whatever you did to get the girl is the same thing you have to do to keep her"? Well in many cases it's not true. A woman that truly loves you will stay with you even though you don't do everything that you used to. But here's why I admonish you to heed that saying.

She may stay with you but she won't be truly happy or satisfied with your relationship. Would you want to be in a relationship where you're not truly happy? Just because she becomes your wife doesn't mean she stops wanting or needing the same things that she had before. She still loves the extra attention, gifts, etc. that you used to give to her. I bet that she still longs for those movie and dinner dates. She still thinks about the way you looked at her before you had sex for the first time. She misses being pursued and made to feel like no one else matters to you.

After we've been married for a while and get into the "family groove" we may stop looking at our wives as desirable women to other men. This isn't intentional but can be a byproduct of being with them every day. They become the mother of our children and the managers of the house. We slip more into provider mode and the hunter in us fades. Has your wife ever said that you don't appreciate her or treat her like you used to? This is a result of exactly what I'm talking about. So how can you avoid this?

Almost every woman wants to feel desired and to be seen as sexy by the man that she's with. So I challenge you to get that hunter instinct for your wife back. Regular date nights are great for this. Or at least some regular time away from the children or "family groove", your everyday routine. Go out of your way to impress her just like you used to. Take her back to some of the places that you took her while you were courting her. Or go somewhere you two have never been to together before. Whatever you do, show her that you've put some thought into it. Just make that time all about her and the things that she likes to do.

Doing things like this regularly will absolutely make your relationship stronger and help it to last longer. The saying, "happy wife happy life" is absolutely true. Wives were made to be our helpers and support system. If you take care of her she will definitely take care of you. And remember men, making her feel special and taking her back to your dating days still produces the same results and your goal back then; a smile on your face from some "special attention" and maybe a great "good moring". Ha ha. Don't ever forget that even though she's your woman, she's still a woman.

She Said:

Yessss! What He Said! LOL

It's true Fellas, you have to be our husbands AND our boyfriends. Date your wives to keep the fire buing. We get caught up in the day to day routine of family life and sometimes forget that we as a couple need quality time. The never ending cycle of taking care of the kids, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning and going to work sucks the sexy right out of wives on a regular basis. It's an epidemic, but don't panic guys. You are the cure!

Say hello to and reacquaint yourselves with Romance. Date nights are a great way to spend time with your wife, concentrating solely on her. It also gives her an opportunity to get dolled up. We like to get dressed and have somewhere to go. Date nights allow us to transform from our day to day persona into the sexy woman that puts the smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye, the pep in your step, and the sure thing when you get home!

Please understand that date night doesn't always have to be dinner or a movie or a combination of the two. It also doesn't have to be at night. Be creative. The thought does count! The dates should be something you both enjoy. Picnics in the park, a bike ride through your favorite trail, a concert featuring your favorite artist, and playing hooky from work to stay in bed all day are all good ways to vamp up the romance.

Oftentimes the quickest way to getting what you want in the bedroom and as frequently as you want it is the simple act of dating your wife. And that's my 2¢.

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