What's Your Freak Score?

freak quiz book coverUse this fun quiz to learn what your freak score is. The top score is 69 points! Take the quiz to get your score. Then have your spouse/significant other take this quiz and compare your scores and titles. Who’s the "Porn Star" between the two of you?

Score Card:

  • Old Fogie (1-17) : You like sex but you’re not really into the extra stuff. You just want do the deed and you’re done.
  • Old Playa (18-34) : You’re into having a good time and pleasing your partner. And you may be down to try one or two new things just for them.
  • Good Time Timmy/Tina (35-51) : You really enjoy sex and take pride in being a good lover. You’ve had a wild night or two or three that you keep in your memories.
  • Slap and Tickle Pro (52-68) : Doing almost whatever it takes to get the job done is the name of the game with you. You’re the ideal lover for most people. A sexual people pleaser at heart. And sex with you usually ends in a puddle of sweat. You’ve got tricks and have no problem sharing them. You are also uninhibited when it comes to talking about sex with others. And you probably have made a few videos in your time.
  • Porn Star (69) : You’re a rare bread. You come from a limited mold that has long expired. It’s full steam ahead and NO holds barred with you. You crave sex and intimacy and your partner always has a good time. You may have scared off past lovers for accusations of being too freaky or wanting sex too much.

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