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This site is primarily for monogamous relationship people who are planning to be or are married. But there is also content that will benefit divorced, widowed and single. If you know someone who’s married or getting married this site is for you too. Our site caters to both the male and female’s point of view about relationships, marriages and life topics. For Grown Folks Only LLC creates merchandise and content for adults to encourage positive relationships and long lasting marriages through communication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the union of marriage through open and honest communication. We want to show others how to navigate the common issues of marriage & teach them ways to strengthen their relationship. So we create content/merchandise to encourage it.

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We know how busy life can be. So we appreciate you taking this time to visit this site and want to say thank you. We're glad to be here as a guide while you begin or continue to leverage your business online. And if you have made it this far, we’d love for you to come say hi to us on our Facebook Page. We look forward to meeting you!


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